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I am pleased to welcome you to our website, whose objective is, as for the Jicable conferences, to promote scientific and technical exchanges within the insulated power cables field.
The idea is to create a reactive website, capable of combining a valuable source of information with a real contribution aimed at promoting the players in this sector by highlighting their technological achievements.
This site is yours; I therefore invite you to send us any useful information you may have, such as dates of cable events around the world, outstanding achievements you have heard about, etc..

Lucien Deschamps - Chairman of the Jicable's Organization Committee

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Jicable-hvdc17 - International Seminar on HVDC Cable Systems

Jicable-hcdc'17 wil be held on November 20-22, 2017 in Dunkirk, France
More info on Jicable-hvdc17.fr web site

Jicable-hvdc16 - WORKSHOP

Jicable-hcdc16 was held on August 26th 2016
within the frame of CIGRE, Paris Palais des congrès
Workshop attendance is upon invitation only and gathers experts from all over the world about problematics of energy transmission an distribution by cables.

The works presented during the Jicable-hvdc16 workshops is now freely available.

See the workshop's entries to the right

Jicable'15 - WORKSHOPS

WETS'15 and WETS'D15 were held on June 25th 2015
Workshop attendance is upon invitation only and gathers experts from all over the world about problematics of energy transmission an distribution by cables.

The works presented during the 2015 workshops is now freely available.

See the workshop calalogue

Jicable'15 - 9th International Conference on Insulated Power Cables
From Sunday, June 21st to Thursday, June 25th 2015

Jicable15 is now over. Registered delegates should have received by email, their logging details to get access to the full documentation. Check your emailing box and discarded message if our message cannot be found. Send us a message if you think that you should have receive the message.

Download the Press Release

Meeting of CIGRE Study Committee B1
September 2 & 3, 2013 - Foz do Iguaçu - Brasil
Jicable's Sessions

Programme of the Jicable's Sessions

Slides presentation, and biographies of the autors are available from this pdf

Latin American Workshop on Insulated Cables of CIGRE and Jicable

Wednesday, September 4th to friday, September 6th 2013
Golden Tulip Hotel – Foz do Iguaçu - Brasil

Download the Programme
Presentation of the Jicable WETS' Session

Jicable HVDC'13
European Seminar on materials for HVDC cables and accessories:
Performance, Modelling, Testing, Qualification

Perpignan, France - November 18th - 20th, 2013
Special along with Jicable HVDC'13 : Young Researchers Contest


This seminar was held within the frame of the Jicable's Workshops

Transport de l'Énergie Électrique - Des Techniques pour Demain
Conférence 2100 n°40

This is a conference held on May 2004 by Mr. Lucien Deschamps
although held almost 8 years ago, this conference done within the frame of Prospective 2100 is still fully relevant. Jicable has then decided to make it available for download. Don't miss it.

Cabos'11 - Second Seminar on Electric Distribution Networks

The second seminar has been successfully held at Maceio, Alagoas, Brazil on November 8-9, 2011
Details and data about Cabos'11
More Information about Cabos'09, the first seminar.

Conférence 21OO n°125
L'Énergie en Afrique - Enjeux et perspectives

Par Abdelnour Keramane
Ancien ministre de l'Industrie et des Mines de l'Algérie,
Directeur de la Revue MedEnergie

Cette conférence présidée par André Merlin
Président du CIGRÉ, Président des Conseils de Surveillance de RTE et d'ERDF a réuni une large audience le 24 novembre 2010.
+Plus d'informations

The Jicable's Archives : Complete collection of the Jicable's papers - DVD Rom now on sale!

This dvd contains all Jicable's communications (pdf files) from the seventh conferences Jicable'84, Jicable'87, Jicable'91, Jicable'95, jicable'99, Jicable'03 and Jicable'07
ie 905 communications about insulated cables from more than 2000 authors.
A powerfull search engine is included to make easy your documentary works.

+ download the form order

In order to make coherent the visit of the past conferences, the section "Jicable's Conferences" has been fully rebuilt. As you might expect, you will find for each conference, the Committees composition, the list of the sessions and their communications etc..
New also, a list of all topics from 1984 to 2011 is included that might facilitates your technical researches.
Bonus : Lucien Deschamps, our Organization's Committee Chairman has collected and scanned a collection of about 300 photos to allow our community members to relive some good moments that we shared... Dont miss the photo galleries.
When available, the synthesis of the conferences were also added
Dont miss to visit that new section

Conférence 21OO n°109
Prospective Mondiale de l'Énergie

Par Claude Mandil
Ingénieur Général du Corps des Mines
Ancien Directeur Exécutif de l'Agence Internationale de l'Énergie

Conférence présentée le mercredi 17 février 2010
à l'ISEP - 28 rue Notre Dame des Champs - Paris 6ème devant une large audience.
+Plus d'informations

Cabos'09, Instalação de rede subterrânea de distribuição de energia elétrica.

Within the frame of the "Year of France in Brazil" and under the Jicable's patronage, a seminar "Installation of underground electric distribution systems" with a debate on economic, technical, ambiental , and safety aspects and on quality of service was held on October 2nd and 3rd, 2009 in Maceió, Alagoas State, Brazil
See more under "Other Events" section

Jicable WETS’11 Works: Announcement and questionnaire

The success of the WETS'07 workshop, organized with the patronage and cooperation of CIGRÉ and of its B1 Committee : Insulated Cables invited the organizers to deepen the results obtained and to expand the survey to all the long links underground or submarine, AC and DC. Information about this workshop held in Paris on June 23rd 2011 can be found under the Jicable Workshop Section - see WETS'11
+More data- Invitation to participate and enquiry

Conférence 21OO n°96
Les réseaux de transport d’électricité : quelles perspectives de développement face aux défis énergétiques du 21ème siècle

Par André MERLIN
Président du Forum Européen des Transports et de l'Énergie
Président du Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques (CIGRÉ)

Conférence du Mercredi 8 avril 2009

+Plus d'informations

Last Conference Jicable'11

JICABLE'11 was held from June 19th to 23rd 2011 in "Palais des Congrès"
Versailles - France.
Find information about this conference in the Jicable's Conferences Section
The next Jicable'15 conference is forecasted on June 21st to 25th 2015.

Jicable WETS'07 Workshop.

Full information about this workshop organized on June 28th 2007 can now be found under the Jicable Workshop Section - see WETS07...

Jicable archives

The list of all JICABLE proceedings from JICABLE'84 to the last conference JICABLE'11 is now available. You will have free access to the first page (pdf version) of any of those proceedings, which is most usefull as this page comes with an abstract.

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