World Energy Transmission System

"HV, EHV and UHV electrical long links by AC and DC insulated power cables: Availability of strategic power links"

Was held within the scope of JICABLE'15 in Paris on June 25th 2015

Organization: Jicable and Prospective 21OO with the Scientific and Technical Support of CIGRE

Chairman, Organization Committee: Lucien Deschamps


Thursday, 25 June 2015 - 9:00 to 17:30
Palais des congrès de Versailles
27, Rue de la Chancellerie
78 000 Versailles - France


The evolution of the technical performance of HV, EHV and UHV AC & DC power insulated cables offer to electric power utilities new development opportunities beyond the areas of high density urban zone, river crossings, …. Throughout the world, several long length HV, EHV and UHV electrical links by AC and DC insulated power cables are already in service and plans for underground and submarine routes whose length exceeds ten kilometers are under development.

Despite the advantage of these solutions to environmental and societal acceptability, the extra cost compared to overhead techniques and the duration of unavailability in the event of damage are challenges to overcome.

The availability of these power links that are of strategic importance in the network should so be subject to special attention. This topic will be the focus of discussions of the workshop WETS'15