"Renewal cable distribution networks"

To be held within the scope of JICABLE'11 in Paris on Thursday 23rd June, 2011

The situation of the parks equipment distribution network, including cables, is a reflection of the history of networks. Over the years, the networks extend and reinforce in the light of developments in the region, the city needs but also in terms of technological developments. Until the 1970s, the majority of distribution cables installed around the world were « paper impregnated insulated cables ». From this date, Polymer insulated cables began to penetrate the network also with the implementation of transition accessories.

Faced with uncertainty about the future of old equipment installed in some cases over 30 years including transition accessories and the desire to improve the quality of electricity, it is a new problem: the replacement of cables and accessories for distribution networks.

The objective of the proposed workshop is to gather, share and draw lessons from the experiences of operators around the world have been facing the problem of the aging of their distribution system and replacement of insulated cables and accessories.


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