2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables


June 24th-28th 1991 

525 delegates from 31 countries attended the conference

Chairman of the Steering Committee:

Robert-Pierre Faudel, Treficable Pirelli, France

Chairman of the Organization Committee:

Lucien Deschamps

Chairman of the Scientific and technical Committee:

Ralph W. Samm, EPRI, USA

Programme :

103 communications from 20 countries were presented

23 Oral sessions

Opening lecture:

Author : Franco Bevilacqua, Aeritalia, Italy

Title : "Space Tethers" : New cable technology for space applications

Closing Round Table:

Chairman : Jean Kowal, EDF

Theme : Future of cables and networks

Jicable's Prize - Elected communication:

Author(s) : Mondin S., Aréfi F., Amouroux J., Letellier P., Goldman M., Fedoroff M., Rouchaud J.C., Leguennec P.

Paper'reference: 1991-A10-5

Other activities :

5 technical visits

12 technical video projections

Exhibition : 32 booths

Proceedings : 614 pages

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