2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1984-A2 - LV and MV Cables


pdf  Progress with XLPE insulated medium voltage cables in the Federal Republic of Germany

SCHUPPE Wolf Dieter  -  AEG KABEL Monchengladbach, Germany


pdf  MV and HV crosslinked material insulated cables manufactured in different European countries. Typology - Use - Prospects

BECKER J.  -  C├óblerie de Charleroi-CDC Charleroi, Belgium

GASPARINI Georgio  -  CEAT CAVI Torino, Italy

MONTEYS J.  -  ROQUE Barcelona, Spain

ROY Daniel  -  CFG Sens, France


pdf  A new one step crosslinking process for MV cables

HOCHSTRASSER U.P.  -  MAILLEFER Ecublens Lausanne, Switzerland


pdf  Polyethylene insulated medium voltage cables with solid aluminium conductors. aluminium screens and aluminium neutrals

KARDOS George  -  HUNGARIAN CABLE WORKS Budapest, Hungria

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