2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1984-A4 - LV and MV Cables


pdf  Failure rate estimating tests of PE insulated power cables for voltages up to 12/20 kV

GARBARSKI Marek  -  ENERGOKABEL Varsovie, Poland

GROBICKI Jan  -  ENERGOKABEL Varsovie, Poland


pdf  Reliability control of cables by tests in situ

MOHR P.F, SMAJLER Adolf J.  -  CABLERIE DATWYLER Altdorf/UR, Switzerland


pdf  AC test methods used for 11 kV extruded cable in CEGB power stations

WILSON A., SWINGLER S.G  -  CEGB-CERL Leatherhead, Surrey, UK

HALL L.  -  CEGB-SE Region Dartford, Kent, UK


pdf  Quality evaluation of accessories for MV polymeric cables

DUCHATEAU Francis., PINET Alain  -  EDF-DER Moret sur Loing, France

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