2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1991-A7 - Influence of water


pdf  The use of waterswellable materials in the design of power cables

DEBOER R.S., VOGEL P., LANTOR.  -  Firet Cable Wrappings Veenendaal, The Netherlands


pdf  Water tree meter, an automatic equipment for water treeing measurements in insulation materials for cables

MARTEAU C., FILIPPINI Jean.  -  CNRS/LEMD Grenoble, France


pdf  Test methods for assessing watertree resistant insulation

NAYBOUR R.D.  -  Electricity R&D Centre Capenhurst, UK


pdf  Improved method for evaluation of water treeing properties of semiconductive materials

FARKAS A. Andras, NILSSON U.H.  -  Neste Polyeten Stenungsund, Sweden


pdf  Model cable test for evaluating the ageing behaviour under water influence of compounds for medium voltage cables

LAND H.G., SCHÀDLlCH Hans.  -  Kabelmetal Electro Hannover, Germany


pdf  International standardization activities for moisture impervious cables

BOW Kenneth E.  -  Dow Chemicals Granville, OH, USA

SNOW Joseph H.  -  Anixter Bros Angleton USA

WILKENS, William D.  -  Anixter Bros Skokie, IL, USA

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