2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1991-B4 - Special Cables


pdf  Development of low smoke and fume cables and joints for the Channel tunnel

FRIDAY A, ROBERTS D.G., NICHOLLS AW.,  -  BICC Cables Wrexham, United Kingdom


pdf  Low smoke, non-corrosive fire retardant cable sheaths based on HNBR and EVM

MElSENHElMER Hermann  -  BAYER Leverkusen, Germany


pdf  LV cables with fire retardant sheath crosslinked at low temperature

AUDOUX Christian  -  Silec Montereau, France


pdf  Development and qualification of novel cables for LOCA environment

LEE Gun-joo, SOHN Ho-soung, BAE Hunjail, KWON Sung-dae, LEE Bek-young, LEE Chong-kook, PYUN Sun-ho  -  Gold Star Cable Seoul, South Korea


pdf  Low voltage PVC building wire and cables with improved flame resistance and with reduced emission of smoke

GARZA, Luis S., VIRKUS Jüri, FLORES Daniel  -  Conductores Monterrey Mexico

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