2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1995-A10 - Environmental issues


pdf  Environmental life cycle analysis of MV cables in the Netherlands

GEURTS W.S.M.  -  KEMA Arnhem, The Netherlands

MEIJER G.J.  -  KEMA Arnhem, The Netherlands

STEENNIS Evert Frederik  -  KEMA Arnhem, The Netherlands


pdf  Polyolefins in the wire and cable industry - Affected or not by the environmental trends ?

BAGGE R.  -  Borealis Porvoo, Finland


pdf  Medium voltage high resistance to external agents cable sheath

MARCET F.  -  Iberdrola Madrid, Spain

VALLS A.  -  Cables Pirelli Barcelone, Spain


pdf  New developments in halogen free ignition resistant compounds using insite technology polymers

HEMPHILL J.  -  Dow Chemical Co. Freeport, USA

LANDUCCI D.  -  Dow Europe Horgen, Switzerland

FANICHET L.  -  Dow Europe Horgen, Switzerland

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