2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1995-A3 - HV and EHV accessories


pdf  Dry terminations : applicability to EHV

ARGAUT P., LUTON M-H.  -  Silec Montereau, France


pdf  Composite EHV terminations for extruded cables

ARGAUT P., LUTON M-H.  -  Silec Montereau, France


pdf  Use of elastomeric material for manufacturing of HV and EHV accessories

SCHMID M., LAURENT M., GAILLE F.  -  Câbleries et TrĂ©fileries de Cossonay Cossonay, Switzerland


pdf  Development of short term use repair joint for 275 kV XLPE insulated cable

TOYA A., KATSUTA G.  -  The Tokyo Electric Power Co. Tokyo, Japan

NAKANO T., ADACHI K.  -  The Furukawa Electric Co. Tokyo, Japan

SHIIBA Y., NAKANISHI T.  -  Sumitomo Electric Industries Osaka, Japan


pdf  Application of prefabricated joints to 154 kV XLPE cables in Korean power transmission system

CHOI C.S., KIM Y.  -  Taihan Electric Wire Co. South Korea

KOO J.  -  HanYang University Kyounggi, South Korea

CHOI J.-H.  -  Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) South Korea

HWANGS.C., GO C.S.  -  LG Cable and Machinery Ltd, South Korea

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