2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1995-A4 - HV and EHV accessories


pdf  Development of a jointing machine for XLPE cables

MAYAMA S., MIZUTANI Y., INOUE H., FUKUNAGA S.  -  Sumitomo Electric Ind., Osaka, Japan


pdf  Prefabricated accessories for high voltage cables design, dimensioning and field experience

ONODI T.  -  DATWYLER Ltd., Altdorf, Switzerland


pdf  Outdoor and incorporated terminations for extruded synthetic cables up to 400 kV

GAHUNGU François  -  Alcatel Cable Calais, France

DELCOUSTAL JM.,  -  GEC Alsthom Aix-Ies-Bains, France

BROUET J.,  -  Alcatel Contracting Clichy, France


pdf  Development of HV and EHV single piece premoulded joint

VASSEUR E.  -  Alcatel Câble Calais, France

CHATTERJEE Shotu  -  Alcatel Euromold Belgium


pdf  Failure series analysis of wrap type cable joints on a 110 kV XLPE cable system

MENNEL H.  -  VKW Bregenz, Austria

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