2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1995-A6 - After laying test methods


pdf  Effect of DC testing on XLPE insulated cables

SRINIVAS N. Nagu  -  Detroit Edison Company Detroit, USA

BERNSTEIN B.S.,  -  EPRI Washington DC, USA


pdf  DC Testing of XLPE insulation

PARPAL J.L., GUDDEMI C., AMYOT N., DAVID E.  -  IREQ Varennes Qu├ębec, Canada


pdf  Study On detection for the defects of XLPE cable links

KOBAYASHI S., UCHIDA K., KAWASHIMA T.  -  Chubu Electric Power Nagoya, Japan

HIROTSU K., INOUE H.  -  Sumitomo Electric Industries Osaka, Japan

TANAKA H., SAKUMA S.  -  The Furukawa Electric Co. Tokyo, Japan


pdf  An optical technique for insitu measurement of the concentration of the crosslinking by products in XLPE cables

BAMJI S.S., BULINSKI A.T.  -  National Research Council of Canada Ottawa, Canada


pdf  Recommended after Laying test methods for HV XLPE Cable Line

KARASAKI T., TOYA A.  -  Tokyo Electric Co. Tokyo, Japan

JINNO M., ASARI K.  -  Kansai Electric Co. Osaka, Japan

MIYATA E., SHIMOHIRO D.  -  Chubu Electric Nagoya, Japan

YOSHIDA T.  -  Furukawa Electric Co Tokyo,Japan

KAKUTA M.,  -  Mitsubishi Cable Industries Ltd. Kumagaya, Japan

KOJIMA T.,  -  Furukura Ltd Japan

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