2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1995-B7 - Test Methods


pdf  Fire risk analysis on MV cable networks : the behaviour of joints in case of fault

FARA A., MIOLA G.  -  ENEL Rome, Italy

VERCELLOTTI U.  -  CESI Milan, Italy


pdf  Characterisation techniques of non-ceramic outdoor insulation, application to cable terminations

FOURMIGUÉ JM., NOEL M., RIQUEL G., LE PEURIAN S.  -  EDF/DER Moret-sur-Loing, France


pdf  Electrical properties and recommended test methods for HV XLPE cable and accessory

KARASAKI T., TOYA A.  -  Tokyo Electric Co. Tokyo, Japan

JINNO M., ASARI K.  -  Kansai Electric Co. Osaka, Japan

MIYATA E., SHIMOHIRO D.  -  Chubu Electric Nagoya, Japan

WATANABE M., FUDAMOTOK.  -  Sumitomo Electric Ind. Osaka, Japan

OSOZAWA K., WATANABE Y.  -  Hitachi Cable Ltd Hitachi, Japan

KIHARA T., SAKAGUCHI Y.  -  Showa Electric Wire & Cable Kawasaki, Japan


pdf  New design of UHV water graded cable test terminations

MOHAUPT Peter, GLEYVOD R.  -  Haefely Trench Basel, Switzerland

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