2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1995-D3 - Partial discharge measurement


pdf  Partial discharge location as a cable operating tool

MASHIKIAN Matthew S.  -  University of Connecticut Connecticut, USA

VALDES G., GONZALEZ V.  -  Florida Power & Light Co. USA

KATZ C.  -  Cable Technology Labs. New Brunswick, NJ, USA


pdf  Development of a partial discharge automatic-monitoring system for EHV XLPE insulated cable lines

TOYA A., GOTO T.  -  Tokyo Electric Power Co. Tokyo, Japan

ENDOH T., SUZUKI H., TAKAHASHI K.  -  Hitachi Cable Ltd Ibaraki, Japan


pdf  Partial discharge in medium voltage extruded cable joints

LAMARRE Laurent, MORIN R.  -  IREQ Varennes Qu├ębec, Canada


pdf  HF partial discharge detection of HV extruded cable accessories

PULTRUM E.  -  KEMA Arnhem, The Netherlands

VAN RIET M.J.M.  -  Nuon Duiven, The Netherlands


pdf  Ultra-wide bandwidth PD measurements application to open air testing of 230 kV XLPE cables

BRAUN JM., HORROCKS D.J., LEVINE JP., SEDDING H.G.  -  Ontario Hydro Tech. Toronto, Canada

HIIVALA L., HARTLEY M.  -  Alcatel Canada Wire Toronto, Canada


pdf  Measurement and location of partial discharges during on-site testing of XLPE cables with impulse voltages

KRAGE I., STREHL T., KALKNER W.  -  TU of Berlin Germany

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