2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2003-A10 - Cable Installation


pdf  Power drive rollers pulling improvements

HERBRETEAU A.  -  Omnium Technique du Câble France

THEVENON Henri  -  Consultant France


pdf  Mechanical laying of HDPE ducts in rural area

MARTY L., LE CORGUILLE J.L.  -  RTE France France


pdf  Restraining the migration of HV cables in duct

TARNOWSKI J., IORDANESCU  -  Institut de Recherches d’Hydro-Québec Canada

AWAD R.  -  Hydro-Québec Canada


pdf  Construction of 275 kV underground transmission line composed of continuous 2,500m long cable

HAYASHI N., SAITOU H., SHIMOHIRO D., KAWAI T.  -  Chubu Electric Power Co. Inc. Nagoya, Japan

KAWAI T.  -  Chubu Electric Power Co. Inc. Japan

ISHII N.  -  The Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd Tokyo, Japan

HIRASAWA T.  -  VISCAS Corporation Tokyo, Japan

WATANABE M., NAKAGAWA T  -  J-Power Systems Corp. Japan


pdf  Innovative installation method using water as a carrying fluid do install power cables in-pre lubricated ducts in trenches of reduced dimensions

TRICHARD C.  -  Netconcept France

BLANC C.  -  Novoplastic France

G. PLUMETTAZ  -  Plumettaz SA Switzerland


pdf  Increasing cable drum lengths

LESUR Frédéric  -  EDF R&D Moret-sur-Loing, France

ARGAUT P., SACHER J.  -  SAGEM Montereau, France

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