2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2003-A8 - Testing


pdf  Transmission power cables partial discharge detection at damped AC voltages

GULSKI Edward, WESTER F.J., SMIT J.J.  -  Delft University of Technology Delft, The Netherlands

GROOT E.R.S., WESTER Ph.  -  Nuon The Netherlands

SEITZ Paul P.  -  Seitz Instruments AG Switzerland


pdf  Partial discharge diagnostics as part of CMB on MV power cables: Yes or No ?

VAN SCHAIK N., STEENNIS E.F., ROSS R.  -  Kema T&D Testing Services The Netherlands

KRUITHOF Marko  -  ENECO Energie The Netherlands


pdf  The Cenelec long term test for XLPE MV cables - Everything new and different ?

MEURER D., ST√úRMER M.  -  Nexans Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Germany


pdf  On-site AC testing and PD measurement of 345 kV/2500 mm2 XLPE cable systems for bulk power transmission

KAUMANNS Johannes, PLIETH E.  -  ABB Energiekabel GmbH Germany

PLATH Ronald  -  IPH, High Voltage Lab. Germany


pdf  Experience with after laying test

PULTRUM E., VERHOEVEN S.A.M., VAN SCHAIK N.  -  Kema High Voltage Laboratory The Netherlands


pdf  Results of after-laying tests of 275 kV XLPE cable line

KOBAYASHI S.I., MORIMOTO N., KAWABE T., SHINODA A., SHIMOHIRO D., KAWAI T.  -  Chubu Electric Power Co. Inc. Japan

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