2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2003-C10-1 - Submarine and DC Cables


pdf  Novel polymeric insulating compounds for HVDC applications

MENDELSOHN A., JOW J.  -  The Dow Chemical Company USA


pdf  Material solutions for extruded HVDC cables

NILSSON U.H., CAMPUS A., HAMPTON R.N.  -  Borealis AB Sweden

BERGKVIST M., FARKAS A., JEROENSE M.  -  ABB Power Technologies AB Sweden

CARTENSEN P., JONSSON J., ZEBOUCHI N.  -  ABB Group Services Center AB Sweden


pdf  Materials for HVDC extruded cables

JANAH H., MATALLANA J., BRAME J.F., MIREBEAU Pierre  -  Nexans France

OUREN S.  -  Nexans Norway


pdf  Effect of ageing on volume resistivity of different kinds of polyethylene cable insulation

RAKOWSKA Alexandra  -  Poznan University of Technology Poland

HAJDROWSKI K.  -  Grupa Energetyczna ENEA S.A. Poland


pdf  Application of PPLP to DC MI cables

MITANI M., KATAKAI S., HIROTA H., MURATA Y.  -  J-Power Systems Corp. Japan

HATA R.  -  Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd Japan


pdf  Test of polymers for high voltage DC cables

RASMUSSEN C.N.  -  NKT Research A/S Denmark

HOLBOELL J.T., HENRIKSEN M.  -  Technical University of Denmark Denmark

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