2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2003-C8-2 - Testing


pdf  Modification of cable replacement criterion of isothermal relaxation current measurement system

KIM J.Y., SONG. I.K., HAN M.G.  -  Korea Electric Power Institute (KEPRI) South Korea

YI Dong Young  -  Uiduk University South Korea


pdf  Applications to cable diagnosis of new methodology for partial discharge inference

CAVALLINI A., FABIANI D., MONTANARI G.C.  -  DIE-LIMAT, University of Bologna Italy

OMBELLO F., FRANCHI BONONI F.  -  Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi SpA Italy


pdf  Change with time in PD characteristics of a void in the semicon/polyethylene interface

KIM C.S., MIZUTANI T.  -  Nagoya University Japan

KOBAYASHI S., MORIMOTO N., TSUJI S., SAITOU H.  -  Chubu Electric Power Co. Nagoya, Japan


pdf  Aspects and implications of on-line PD detection and localization of MV cable systems

STEENNIS Evert Frederik  -  Kema High Voltage Laboratory The Netherlands

VAN DER WIELEN.P.C.J.M., VEEN J. WOUTERS P.A.A.F  -  Eindhoven University of Technology The Netherlands


pdf  Inductive directional couplers as new sensors for PD detection and localization on high voltage XLPE cable accessories

HEINRICH R.  -  Schaffner EMC-Systems GmbH Germany

RETHMEIER K., KALKNER W.  -  Technical University of Berlin Germany


pdf  Sensitive PD detection on high voltage XLPE cable lines using field coupling sensors

HEINRICH R.  -  Schaffner EMC-Systems GmbH Germany

RETHMEIER K., KALKNER W.  -  Technical University of Berlin Germany

PLATH Ronald  -  IPH, High Voltage Lab. Germany

WEISSENBERG Werner  -  Brugg Kabel AG


pdf  The analysis of the partial discharge pattern to the artificial defects introduced at the interface in an XLPE cable joint using laboratory model

LEE J.S., KIM J.T.  -  LG Cable. Ltd. South Korea

KOO J.Y.  -  Hanyang University South Korea

KIM J.T.  -  Daejin University South Korea


pdf  Application of damped AC voltages for PD diagnosis of distribution power cables

WESTER F.J.  -  NUNON InfraCore The Netherlands

GULSKI Edward  -  Delft University of Technology Delft, The Netherlands

SCHIKARSKI P.  -  Haefely Test AF Switzerland

SEITZ Paul P.  -  Seitz Instruments AG Switzerland


pdf  Optimised cable end termination systems for laboratory tests on MV, HV and EHV cables

SCHIERIG S., PIETSCH, KUBAT M.  -  Highvolt Pr├╝ftechnik Dresden GmbH Germany

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