2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2007-A10 - Test Methods


pdf  Comparison of different analytical test methods to monitor crosslinking by-products in XLPE insulated cables

SMEDBERG Annika, BOSTRÖM Jan-Ove  -  Borealis AB Stenungsund, Sweden

WALD Detlef, PETERS Rudi  -  Borealis Polymers NV Mechelen, Belgium


pdf  Breakdown caused by abrupt DC-Voltage grounding of XLPE cable insulation

IIDSTAD Erling, MAUSETH Frank  -  Norwegian University of Sc.and Tech. (NTNU) Trondheim, Norway

SELSJORD Mildrid, HEGERBERG Rolf  -  SINTEF Energy Research Trondheim, Norway

SANDEN Bjørn  -  Nexans Norway AS Oslo, Norway

JEROENSE Marc  -  ABB Power Systems Karlskrona, Sweden

LARSEN Jan Erik  -  Stattnett SF Oslo, Norway


pdf  New approach to measure conductor temperature during type test

PULTRUM Edwin, SLOOT Wouter, VERHOEVEN S.A.M.  -  KEMA Arnhem, The Netherlands


pdf  After-installation testing of HV/EHV extruded cable systems - Procedures and experiences

HERRMANN Ulrich, KLUGE Andreas, PLATH Ronald  -  IPH Berlin, Germany


pdf  HV AC testing of super-long cables

SCHIERIG Stefan, COORS Peter  -  TU Dresden Dresden, Germany

HAUSCHILD Wofgang  -  IEC, CIGRE, TU Dresden Germany


pdf  Type testing of a 13.2 kV, 69 MVA TRIAX HTS cable

WILLEN Dag, TRAEHOLT Chresten, THIDEMANN Carsten  -  nkt cables Brondby, Denmark

JINDSAY David T, RODEN Mark, TOLBERT Jerry  -  Southwire Company USA

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