2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2007-A8 - Cables and Environment


pdf  Making remaining life predictions for power cables using reliability analyses

JEYAPALAN Jey K.  -  Dr Jeyapalan & Associates New Milford, CT, USA


pdf  Oil replacement by water in obsolete oil-filled power cables

DARDEL Boris, MATTMANN John-Peter, JAQUENOD Laurent, VAN RYSSELBERGHE Laurent, GEHRET Sébastien, KRÄHENBÜHL Francis  -  Nexans Switerland Cortaillod, Switzerland


pdf  Environmental impacts in rural area of a HV underground link

GOURIT Laurent, SERRES Etienne, CHEVALIER Peggy  -  RTE, National Centre for Grid Expertise Paris, France


pdf  Passive loops technique for electromagnetic fields mitigation: applications and theoretical considerations.

MAIOLI Paolo, ZACCONE Ernesto  -  Prysmian Cables & Systems Milan, Italy


pdf  Use of an ecoconception software to design a HV cable connection

MIREBEAU Pierre, DUVIVIER Martine  -  Nexans France Calais, France

BENARD Laurent, LEBOURDON François  -  PRYSMIAN Paron, France

POILLEAUX Francis, POISSON Bernard  -  SILEC CABLE Montereau, France


pdf  Ecoconception, recycling and life cycle analysis in cable industry

BARBEAU Sophie, GOUDEAU Jacques  -  Nexans Research Center Lyon, France

DUPONT Isabelle  -  RIPS Calais, France

DAMILO Serge  -  Nexans Mehun France

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