2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2007-B3 - Industrial and Special Cables


pdf  Irradiation technologies and compounds for cables cross-linking - developments for flat and heat-trace cables

ROUIF Sophie  -  IONISOS Dagneux, France


pdf  Evaluation of a Replacement Strategy of a Medium Voltage Cable Joint Based on Statistical Failure Analysis

JONGEN Rogier A., MORSHUIS Peter H.F., SMIT Johan J.  -  Delft University of Technology Delft, The Netherlands

JANSSEN Anton L.J.  -  CONTINUON Assetmanagement Arnhem, The Netherlands

GULSKI Edward  -  Ksandr Delft, The Netherlands


pdf  Utilisation of ceramizing materials in fire resisting cables and accessories

WEIDER Bruno  -  NEXANS Schweiz AG Breitenbach, Switzerland


pdf  Ceramifying insulation materials for fire safety cables

ALEXANDER Graeme, BARBER Kenneth, LEE Dong Churl  -  Olex Australia Tottenham, Australia

MARNEY Donovan  -  CSIRO Australia


pdf  Choices of flame retardant materials for cables with improved behaviour in fire

DUPHIL Dominique, POISSON Bernard, ARGAUT Pierre  -  SILEC CABLE Montereau, France

BARBETA Javier, PASCUAL M. Carmen, MARTINEZ Juan D.  -  General Cable Sistemas Manlleu, Spain


pdf  Use of nanofillers in high performance of MV cables under fire conditions.

GRABOLOSA Jordi, CALVERAS Daniel  -  General Cable Sistemas Manlleu, Spain

CANEROT Isabelle  -  SILEC CABLE Montereau, France


pdf  Polymeric armour design of an improved protection to mechanical stresses and fluids for Oil Gas and Petrochem (OGP) applications

CINQUEMANI Paul  -  Prysmian Cables & Systems USA

DE RAI Luca, FRIGERIO Marco  -  Prysmian Cables & Systems Milan, Italy

VEGETTI Paolo  -  Prysmian Cables & Systems Finland

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