2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2007-C5-1 - Cables Systems, Rating and Installation


pdf  High performance MV cable semi conducting shields

EASTER Mark  -  General Cable Indianapolis, USA

CANEROT Isabelle  -  SILEC CABLE Montereau, France


pdf  Compounding of semiconductives for high voltage cables

RICHARDSON Colin G.  -  Buss AG Pratteln, Switzerland


pdf  Stabilizer concepts for Silane crosslinked polyethylene cable applications

HERBST Heinz  -  CIBA Specialty Chemicals Basel, Switzerland

FAGOURI Chris  -  CIBA Specialty Chemicals Tarrytown, USA


pdf  Performance of modern cables in Central Europe

WALD Detlef  -  Borealis Polymers NV Mechelen, Belgium

SMEDBERG Annika  -  Borealis AB Stenungsund, Sweden


pdf  Long-life XLPE insulated power cables

HAMPTON Nigel, HARTLEIN Richard  -  NEETRAC, Georgia Institute Atlanta, USA

LENNARTSSON Hakan  -  Borouge Pty Hong Konk

ORTON Harry  -  OCEI Vancouver, BC, Canada

RAMACHANDRAN Ram  -  The Dow Chemical Company Somerset, NJ, USA


pdf  Development on recycling technology of XLPE

SEKIGUCHI Youitsu, OHKAWA Noriyuki, NOJO Hitoshi, HASHIMOTO Satoru  -  J-Power Systems Corp. Tokyo, Japan


pdf  Innovative bolted connector for LV and MV with stepless shear bolts

GROSS HervĂ©, FRANK Erich  -  PFISTERER Kontaktsysteme GmbH & Co. KG Winterbach, Germany


pdf  Surge propagation and protection of underground distribution cables

LEE Jae-bong, KIM Ju-yong, PARK Chul-bae, JUNG Yeon-ha  -  Korea Electric Power Institute (KEPRI) South Korea

LEE Jae-bong, KIM Ju-yong, PARK Chul-bae, JUNG Yeon-ha  -  Korea Electric Power Institute (KEPRI) South Korea


pdf  Advances in chemical rejuvenation: extending medium voltage cable life 40 years

BERTINI Glen J., VINCENT Gary A.  -  Novinium Inc. Kent, WA, USA


pdf  Dielectric system for submarine electro hydraulic umbilical up to 35 kV

TEIXEIRA Mario Daniel Junior  -  MDR Consultoria Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

ABIB Luciana  -  Marine Production Systems do Brasil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


pdf  A development of underground distribution cable for water-blocking and reducing protrusions

LEE Jae-bong, KIM Ju-yong, SONG Il-keun  -  Korea Electric Power Institute (KEPRI) Daejeon, South Korea

KIM Byung-sook  -  Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) South Korea


pdf  Development of Pre-Molded Joint for 230 kV XLPE Power Cable

KIM Hwa Jong, KIM Hyun Joo, KIM S.Y., SONG Jae Hyuk  -  E.HV. Acc'y R&D Center, Taihan Electric Wire Co. Seoul, South Korea


pdf  Transition joints

COURSET Ludovic  -  RTE CNER Paris France

HONDAA Pierre  -  EDF R&D Moret-sur-Loing, France


pdf  Compact various transition joints for up to 154 kV power cable

NIINOBE Hiroshi  -  VISCAS Corporation Ichihara, Japan

YOKOYAMA Shigekazu, TORAI Yasuo  -  VISCAS Corporation Tokyo, Japan

KANEKO Satoshi  -  VISCAS Corporation Hirastuka, Japan


pdf  Upgrading quality of 275 kV Y-branch pre-fabricated transition joint

NAKANISHI Tatsuo, NOZAKI Takehiro, OHIMO Tadashi, WATANABE Masaru, BAN Shunichirou, YAMADA Shigekatsu  -  J-Power Systems Corp. Osaka, Japan


pdf  Development of outdoor-sealing-end of prefabricated-composite-insulator for 66/77 kV XLPE cable

IWASAKI Kimihiro, TANAKA Atsushi, TOYA Atsushi  -  Tokyo Electric Power CO. Tokyo, Japan

SATOU Hiromasa  -  EXSYM Corp, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan

ADACHI Kazuhisa, SEMA Nobuyuki  -  SWCC SHOWA Cable System Co Kanagawa, Japan


pdf  Development of dry type out-door terminations for 66 to 110 kV XLPE cable

OONO Kouichi  -  VISCAS Corporation Ichihara, Japan

KANEKO Satoshi, TAKAOKA Isao  -  VISCAS Corporation Hiratsuka, Japan


pdf  European work on LV ABC accessories Standard

PORCHERAY Gilles  -  Tyco Electronic SIMEL France

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