2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2007-C5-2 - Cables Systems, Rating and Installation


pdf  Modern FEM tools - an example of cables installed in duct-banks

KARLSTRAND Johan, HENNING Gunnar  -  ABB Power Systems Karlskrona, Sweden


pdf  Application results of real-time ampacity estimation system and intelligent power cable system

NAM S.H., LEE J.M., KIM K.Y., KIM C.S., LEE S.K., JEON S.I.  -  LS Cable Anyang-si, South Korea

KIM H.L., KIM Y.S., LIM H.E.  -  KEPCO Seoul, South Korea


pdf  Adaptive monitoring program for dynamic thermal rating of power cables

BRAKELMANN Heinrich, HIRSCH Holger, RÖHRICH Armin, SCHEIFFARTH Hans-Peter, STAMMEN Jörg  -  University of Duisburg-Essen Germany


pdf  HV cables operating in a dynamic rating regime, a beneficial option!

DE WILD Frank H., BOONE Wim  -  KEMA Arnhem, The Netherlands


pdf  Development on the mortar material for cable systems in a directional drilling

NISHIYAMA Yoshinari, MASHIMA Hironori, UESAWA Makoto, SAITO Hiroshi, ISHIZONE Takeshi  -  Chubu Electric Power Co. Inc Nagoya, Japan

MIZUNO Satoshi  -  Toenec Corp. Japan


pdf  Sharing pipelines, tunnels, multipurpose structures, and rights of way among cables, optical cables, gas lines, sewers, heating ducts, and waterlines

JEYAPALAN Jey K.  -  Dr Jeyapalan & Associates New Milford, CT, USA


pdf  Fire prevention method for 275 kV oil-filled cable joint in TEPCO

TOYA Atsushi, NASUKAWA Shinsuke  -  Tokyo Electric Power Company Tokyo, Japan


pdf  Development and efficacy of sheath current reduction devices on underground power cable systems

YOON Hyung-Hee, KANG Ji-Won, MYOUNG Keun-Sik  -  KEPRI South Korea

KWAK Bang-Myung  -  KEPCO Japan


pdf  Multiconductor cell analysis of power cable steady state

BENATO Roberto  -  University of Padova Italy

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