2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2011-A2 - HVDC cables and accessories


pdf  Specification for extruded HVDC land cable systems

Rémi VATONNE, Nathalie BOUDINET, Jonathan BENETEAU, Pierre HONDAA, Frédéric LESUR  -  RTE

Gregorio DENCHE, José Manuel ARGUELLES ENJUANES  -  Red Eléctrica de España, S.A.


pdf  Key parameters for extruded DC cable qualification

Wilfried FRELIN, Philippe EGROT  -  EDF R&D


pdf  Development of pre-molded accessories for HVDC extruded cable system

SAKAI Yasuhiro, NIINOBE Hiroshi, HIRASAWA Takayuki  -  VISCAS Corporation


pdf  Development of a 270 kV XLPE cable system for HVDC applications

Mohamed MAMMERI, Marie Laure PAUPARDIN, Bernard POISSON  -  Silec Cable (General Cable)


pdf  Development of high performance polymeric materials for HVDC cables

Villgot ENGLUND, Per-Ola HAGSTRAND, Ulf. H. NILSSON  -  Borealis AB

Andreas FARKAS, Carl-Olof OLSSON, Gustavo DOMINGUEZ  -  ABB AB, High Voltage Cables, Corporate Research


pdf  Evolution of electric field, space charge concentration and distribution in an extruded HVDC cable

Carl-Olof OLSSON  -  ABB AB, High Voltage Cables, Corporate Research

Marc JEROENSE  -  ABB AB, High Voltage Cables

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