2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2011-A3 - HV Service experience


pdf  500 kV feed cable project for EXPO substation

JIANG Xiaojuan, WANG Zhigang  -  Power Grid Inspection & Maintenance Company, SMEPC (Shanghai Municipale Electrical Power Company)

JIANG Yun  -  Shanghai Municipale Electrical Power Company


pdf  New 400 kV underground XLPE insulated cable system in UAE

SHIMIZU Toshio, AOKI Toshiji, KURATA Tatsuo  -  J-Power Systems Corporation

SUKEGAWA Takuya, IGI Tsuyoshi  -  J-Power Systems Corporation

MASHIO Shoji  -  J-Power Systems Corporation


pdf  Technical solution to completion of the world first 500 kV XLPE underground cable system in Shanghai

JIANG Yun, YANG Wen Wei, FANG Hao  -  Shanghai Municipale Electrical Power Company

WONG Hai Ngiing, ABE Shunsuke, YAMAMOTO Shoji, TORAI Yasuo  -  VISCAS Corporation


pdf  Prequalification test of 500 kV XLPE cable system in China

TAKAO Nakano  -  VISCAS Corporation

JIN Guangqi, LV Gengming  -  Shenyang Furukawa Cable Corp., LTD.

XIA Rong, YANG Liming  -  State Grid Electric Power Research Institute

YANG Rongkai  -  Quality Inspection and Test Center for Equipment of Electric Power


pdf  Experience with developing and installing of a three core 150 kV power cable

Jacco SMIT, Arie STEENIS, Alex GESCHIERE  -  Liandon BV

Volker WASCHK, Jens WOLCKEN, Hendrik REITER  -  nkt cables GmbH


pdf  Development, qualification and experiences with 500 kV XLPE cable systems

Johannes KAUMANNS, Andreas WEINLEIN, Gero SCHROEDER, Volker STROOT  -  Suedkabel GmbH


pdf  Return of experience of 380 kV power cable failures

Luigi COLLA  -  Terna S.p.A.

Wilfried FISCHER  -  50Hertz Transmission GmbH

Sander MEIJER  -  TenneT TSO bv

Johan J. SMIT, Xiaolin CHEN  -  Delft University of Technology

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