2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2011-B2 - Environmental subjects - EMF and others


pdf  Evaluation of the magnetic induction on metal pipelines by AC power cable circuits

HAN Xiaopeng, ZHAO Rui  -  Beijing Electric Power Design Institute

LIU Ying, MING LIU, CAO Xiaolong  -  Xi’an Jiaotong University


pdf  Cable systems in multi-purposes or shared structures

Jey JEYAPALAN  -  Cigre' WG-B1.08

Ray AWAD  -  Cigre' WG-B1.08

Ken BARBER, Colin PEACOCK  -  Cigre' WG-B1.08

Roberto BENATO  -  Cigre' WG-B1.08

Ian BUTT  -  Cigre' WG-B1.08

Frank De WILD  -  Cigre' WG-B1.08

GOTO Takeshi, SAKUMA Susumu, TAKAHASHI Yoshihisa  -  Cigre' WG-B1.08

Christophe MOREAU  -  Cigre' WG-B1.08

Kjell OBERGER  -  Cigre' WG-B1.08

Rudolph WOSCHITZ  -  Cigre' WG-B1.08

Kok Thean YOOM  -  Cigre' WG-B1.08

Jordi MONTEYS  -  Cigre' WG-B1.08

Jeong-tae KIM  -  Cigre' WG-B1.08


pdf  275 kV XLPE cable bridge crossings - Design and construction issues

John McCORMACK, Nicola MOFFA, Raju UPADHYAYA  -  ElectraNet

Jeong hyun KIM  -  Taihan Electric Co

Hoi-deok HEO  -  LS Cable Ltd

Henry KENT  -  Energy Action


pdf  Undergroud links across fields

Alexandre IRLE, Jean ISOARD  -  RTE


pdf  Development of new recyclable insulation material for power cable

Kyucheol CHO, Kwanghoi KU, Jaesun LEE  -  SK Energy

Dongmyung KIM, Jongman JOUNG, Taeho KWON  -  KEPCO Research Institute

Jinman KIM, Bongsoo HAN, Youngjun KIM  -  ILJIN Electric


pdf  New technology for recycling of plastics from cable waste

Andreas FARKAS  -  ABB AB

Per-Håkan NILSSON  -  Ineos ChlorVinyls

Jan-Ove BOSTRÖM  -  Borealis AB

Alf JOHANSSON  -  Volvo Car Corporation

Annika BOSS  -  Swerea IVF

Erik RASMUSSEN  -  Stena Metall AB

Elin SVENNINGSSON  -  Draka Kabel Sverige AB

Mattias DALESJÖ  -  Volvo 3P

Alf ERIKSSON  -  Nexans IKO Sweden AB

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