2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2011-B3 - Challenges - Fire


pdf  Fire performance of HV and EHV XLPE insulated cables

Graeme ALEXANDER  -  Olex Cables, a Nexans company

James ROBINSON, Wendy LOYENS  -  Borealis Polymers NV


pdf  The role of the EU Construction Products Directive in supporting the application of improved low fire-hazard cables

Jan SCHUTTEN  -  Europacable


pdf  IEEE, API and IEC Standards update for testing, selection and installation of fire-rated circuit integrity cables   

Arturo MALDONADO  -  A&M Technology Group LLC


pdf  Study on the reaction to fire of medium voltage cables systems

Neus GENERÓ, Jacint ROVIRA, Juan de Dios MARTÍNEZ  -  Grupo General Cable Sistemas S.A.

Saturnino MARTÍN, Gonzalo MAÍZ  -  Iberdrola Distribución

Gregorio DENCHE  -  Red Eléctrica de España, S.A.


pdf  Fire performance cables under current overload conditions

Ivan IVANOV, Graeme ALEXANDER  -  Olex Cables, a Nexans company

Richard HOSIER, Ken BARBER  -  Nexans Asia-Pacific


pdf  Fire equipment system in underground tunnels of KEPCO

Nam-yeol PAIK, Hong-lae KIM  -  Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)


pdf  Assessment of the reaction to fire performance of electric cables under the EU construction products directive

Terence JOURNEAUX  -  Prysmian Cables & Systems Limited

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