2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2011-C3 - Testing methods - Water Trees and Partial Discharges


pdf  Non-destructive water-tree detection in XLPE cables

Willem BOONE  -  KEMA Nederland BV

John DENSLEY  -  Arborlec Solutions

Sverre HVIDSTEN  -  SINTEF Energy Research


pdf  Tree-retardant crosslinked (TRXLPE) reduced insulation wall accelerated cable life test (ACLT) results

John T. SMITH III  -  General Cable Corporation


pdf  3 kHz accelerated growth of water trees in medium voltage extruded cables

Blandine HENNUY, Quentin DE CLERCK  -  Laborelec

Pieter LEEMANS, Joachim MARGINET  -  Eandis

Alain FRANÇOIS, Daniel TENRET  -  Ores


pdf  A new approach to avoid negative superposition errors for PD measurements on lengths of extruded power cable

Kay RETHMEIER, Alexander KRAETGE, Michael KRÜGER  -  Omicron


pdf  A new method of adopting distributed PD measurement in series resonance frequency voltage resistance test of high voltage cable

ZHOU Lijun, JIANG Xiaojuan  -  Power Grid Inspection & Maintenance Company, SMEPC (Shanghai Municipale Electrical Power Company)


pdf  Measuring partial discharges with enhanced noise reduction by use of multi-band PD bandpass filters

Kay RETHMEIER, Alexander KRAETGE, Michael KRÜGER  -  Omicron

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