2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2011-D6 - LV and MV Cable Systems


pdf  Ultra low weight combined LV/FO cable for steep cable car pathway

Boris DARDEL, Marc BRESSENEL, Jean WITTWER, François COCHET  -  Nexans Suisse SA


pdf  Influence of the additives on the water-treeing in XLPE insulated cables

Emeric LONG, Isabelle DENIZET, Bernard POISSON  -  Silec Cable (General Cable)

Elisenda CASALS  -  General Cable


pdf  Reliability evaluation of distribution cable diagnosis instruments with field test

Dae-hee PARK  -  Dept. of Electrical, Information & Communication Engineering, Wonkwang University

Noh-joon PARK  -  Center for Advanced Electric Application, Wonkwang University


pdf  The application of optical fiber composite low-voltage cable (OPLC) in smart grid of China

BAO Jicong, QIAO Xinxia, QIAN Ziming  -  Jiangsu Hengtong Power Cable Co., Ltd


pdf  Insulation state analysis and upgrading feasibility study of existing AC 10 kV XLPE distribution cables in Jiangsu grid of China

ZHANG Ziyang, FEI Yijun  -  Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute Corporation LTD


pdf  70 years of MV cables in Brazil: Reliability of cables, splices and potheads

Walter PINHEIRO  -  Matrix Engenharia

Geraldo de ALMEIDA, Luis ZANETTA  -  University of Sao Paolo - USP

Ricardo BRANDÃO  -  AES Eletropaulo

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