2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2011-E7-1 - Cable Systems and Testing


pdf  The application of the Y-branch joints in TEPCO

WATANABE Kensuke, AIHARA Yasuhiko, TSUCHIYA Shinichi  -  Tokyo Electric Power Company


pdf  Environmentally sound lead-free insulation material for medium voltage energy cables

Amalendu SARKAR, John T. SMITH III  -  General Cable Corporation


pdf  Distribution of peroxide by-products along degassed XLPE HV cables

Christian ANDERSSON  -  Ericsson AB

Martin JAKOBSSON, Annika SMEDBERG, Jan-Ove BOSTRÖM  -  Borealis AB


pdf  XLPE for medium and high voltage cables insulation: Determination of organic peroxide's decomposition products by the most suitable analysis

Alfredo DEFRANCISCI, Sandra GRIMALDI, Edwin-Jeoffrey COURTIAL  -  ARKEMA Centre de Recherche Rhône-Alpes


pdf  Prototype for detection of delaminations in the sheath system of high voltage power cables using ultrasonic diagnosis

Gregor BRAMMER, Armin SCHNETTLER  -  Institute for high voltage technologies


pdf  Photoacoustics: An approach for online process control of degassing XLPE insulated high voltage cables

Anika BOSSE, Volker WASCHK  -  nkt cables GmbH

Hans BETTERMANN, Thomas GRETHE  -  Heinrich-Heine-university of Duesseldorf


pdf  The research on XLPE cable insulation based on ground current method on-line monitoring technique

WANG Wei  -  State Grid Electric Power Research Institute

GU yonggang, ZHONG Pengjiao  -  WHVRI Power Electric Science and Technology Stock


pdf  A versatile system for electrical treeing tests under AC and DC stress using wire electrodes

Björn SONERUD  -  Nexans Norway AS

Villgot ENGLUND  -  Borealis AB

Anette JOHANSSON, Stanislaw GUBANSKI, Markus JARVID, Mats ANDERSSON  -  Chalmers University of Technology

Andreas FARKAS  -  ABB AB


pdf  Experimental study on detection equivalence of partial discharges at damped AC voltages and 50 Hz AC voltages in 110 kV XLPE power cables

Edward GULSKI  -  Delft University of Technology

XIA Rong, ZHAO Jiankang  -  State Grid Electric Power Research Institute


pdf  Partial discharge test and disassembly analyze of cable termination in Huanghoudian, Beijing  

JIANG Xiaoying  -  Beijing Electric Power Corporation

ZHAO Yu, LI Huachun, HUANG Heming, XUE Qiang  -  Power Cable Company of Beijing Electric Power Corporation


pdf  Power frequency magnetic field test and analyse of HV cables in tunnel

LI Huachun, WANG Li, LIU Hao  -  Power Cable Company of Beijing Electric Power Corporation

GUO Jianfu, ZHANG Wenxin  -  BeiJing Electric Power Company


pdf  Negative k-factor setting for power cables explained via sequence impedance measurements

Wernich DE VILLIERS, Ulrich KLAPPER  -  Omicron


pdf  Various cable terminal defect types and environmental factors impact on the results of PD tests

TU Na, WANG Wei  -  WHVRI Power Electric Science and Technology Stock


pdf  Frequency characteristics of partial discharges in MV extruded cables using non-conventional sensors

Young-jo LEE, Jong-yeol KIM, In-jin SEO, Ja-yoon KOO  -  Hanyang University

Jae-cheol JEONG, Jeong-tae KIM  -  Daejin University


pdf  PD monitoring system of HV cable

Miguel Ángel SÁNCHEZ URÁN, Fernando GARNACHO VECINO, Javier ORTEGO, Jorge MORENO, Fernando ÁLVAREZ, Oscar PERPIÑAN  -  Polytechnik University of Madrid

Julio GONZALO GARCÍA, José Luis VALLEJO DIEZ  -  GasNatural Fenosa


pdf  Using after installation commissioning tests to assure power cable systems meet manufacturers' standards


Benjamin LANZ  -  IMCORP

Massimo VANOSSI  -  Foster Wheeler Italiana

Stefaan JESPERS  -  Cegelec

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