2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2023-B10 - Cables and their accessories design


pdf  Development of a new compact dry type plug-in outdoor cable termination with standardized plug contour according to CIGRÉ TB 784

FAYZULLIN Marsel, CHEN Lei  -  NKT HV Cables AB (NKT), Sweden

MEIER Ralf  -  NKT Group GmbH (NKT), Germany

SÖRQVIST Torbjörn, ANDERSSON Christian  -  NKT HV Cables AB (NKT), Sweden

MUCKENHUMER Martin  -  KUVAG GmbH & Co. , Austria

JOVANOVIC Ivan  -  KUVAG North America Inc., USA

KLEIN Thomas, ZIERHUT Stefan  -  strescon GmbH, Germany


pdf  Assessment and Evolution of HV and E-HV Dry-Type Outdoor Cable Terminations

TSAKONAS Panagiotis, BODEGA Riccardo  -  Prysmian Group, The Netherlands

BOFFI Paolo, MAMMERI Mohammed, IADANZA Andrea  -  Prysmian Group, Italy


pdf  Durability evaluation of insulator and internal pressure analysis during ground fault for 500 kV outdoor termination

TOMITA Yudai, MORI Hiroki, YAGI Masashi  -  Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd, Japan


pdf  Development of explosion-proof joint for retrofitting pipe-type cable

HORIE Yuki, MASHIO Shoji, KANEDA Taiki  -  Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., Japan


pdf  Quick Replacement of Transmission-Class Cable Termination with Dry-Type Terminations

MAKOVOZ Arie  -  Consolidated Edison of New York, USA

TSAKONAS Panagiotis  -  Prysmian Group, The Netherlands

GEENE Henk  -  Prysmian Group, The Netherlands


pdf  Dry-Type Outdoor Terminations 145 kV and 245 kV – Criteria of Design and Electrical Layout

MÜLLER Dr.-Ing. Denis, WENDT Dr. Eckhardt, KLEIN Dr.-Ing. Thomas, ZIERHUT Dipl.-Ing Stefan, PASSOW M. Sc. Daniel  -  strescon GmbH, Germany

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