2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2023-B5 - Steady state rating, dynamic current rating and RTTR


pdf  Comparing current ratings for buried cables from ampacity tables under application of correction factors with results from calculations according to IEC 60287

AEGERTER Damian  -  Braavos GmbH, Switzerland

CHARLESWORTH Matthew  -  DRA Global Ltd, Australia


pdf  Application of Machine Learning Models for the Thermal Rating of a 400 kV Cable System and their Validation

AINHIRN Florian  -  Wiener Netze GmbH, Austria


pdf  Numerical Model Parameter Study for Dynamic Thermal Rating Calculations Based on the Wiener Netze 400 kV Dataset

AINHIRN Florian  -  Wiener Netze GmbH, Austria

NIEMANN-LARSEN Joachim  -  Energinet Eltransmission A/S, Denmark


pdf  Power cable rating examples for calculation tool verification – Additional cases – Cigre B1.72

DE WILD Frank  -  DNV, The Netherlands

ANDERS George J.  -  Technical University of Lodz, Poland

BASCOM III Earle C. (Rusty)  -  Electrical Consulting Engineers, USA

BENTON Kenneth  -  Mott McDonald, United Kingdom

VIAÑO Marcos Garcia  -  Iberdrola, Spain

JOUBERT Vincent  -  Prysmian Group, France

LESUR Frédéric  -  Nexans, France

LOTFI Abbas  -  Nexans, Norway


OLSEN Rasmus Aabye  -  Ramboll, Denmark

PILGRIM James  -  Ørsted, United Kingdom

RIZOU Varvara  -  Hellenic Cables, Greece

VAN ROSSUM Jos  -  Prysmian Group, The Netherlands

THYRVIN Ola  -  NKT HV Cables, Sweden

WINKEL Daniel  -  Amprion, Germany


pdf  Evaluation of simplified heat transport for power cables in pipes

THINN Kristian Solheim, HELLESØ Svein-Magne, EBERG Espen, KANTAR Emre  -  SINTEF Energy Research, Norway


pdf  Empirical Thermal Models for Array Cables in WTG Monopiles

VAN BERGEN Felix Benje  -  High Voltage Cables, Ørsted Wind Power, Denmark

CWIKOWSKI Oliver, PILGRIM James  -  High Voltage Cables, Ørsted Wind Power, UK

HOLBØLL Joachim, THAKUR Soumya  -  Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark

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