2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2023-E4 - Monitoring


pdf  Monitoring Underground Power Cables in Urban Areas using Deep Neural Networks and Distributed Acoustic Sensing

MOCKENHAUPT Daniel, AGHANOURIAN Negar, VAN LUONG Huynh, DRAPP Bernd  -  AP Sensing GmbH, Germany


pdf  Advances in the Application and use of DTS Monitoring For Cable Systems

CWIKOWSKI Oliver, SIMMONDS Adam  -  ├śrsted Wind Power, United Kingdom

STOUSTRUP Ida, KARAOLANIS Aris, RODRIGUEZ Francisco, SORENSON Kim Lund  -  ├śrsted Wind Power, Denmark


pdf  Cloud based cable monitoring system for underground power cables

NAKANO Shinnosuke, SHIMOGUCHI Takefumi, MASHIO Shoji, SUZUKI Kozo  -  Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., Japan

KURIHARA Masaki, IWASAKI Kimihiro  -  TEPCO Power Grid, Inc., Japan


pdf  Sheath Current Monitoring at HVAC Power Cable Joints Using Fibre-Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing

ALBRECHT Ralf, BOHR Sebastian, LUX Jonathan, HILL Wieland, LEES Gareth  -  AP Sensing GmbH, Germany

HEEB Oliver, STEINHAUS Ronny  -  Brugg Kabel AG, Switzerland

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