2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2023-E8 - GIL and GIS


pdf  Requirements for large scale implementation of HVDC high temperature superconducting (HTS) cable systems

GIANELLI Bernardo, BOONE Wim  -  DNV, The Netherlands

MCCULLOUGH Keith, HODGE Eoin  -  SuperNode, (IE)


pdf  Effect of partial discharges activity by artificial Failure on composite Insulation Systems of mini-cable-samples in LN2

MANSHEIM Patrick, BACH Robert  -  South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, Germany

KURRAT Michael  -  Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany

WILLÈN Dag  -  NKT A/S, Denmark


pdf  The superconducting cable, a rail traffic enabler

WILLÈN Dag  -  NKT Group A/S (NKT), Denmark

PRUSSEIT Werner  -  Theva Gmbh (Theva), Germany

PRINZ Robert  -  Stadtwerke München Gmbh (SWM), Germany

BACH Robert  -  Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, Soest (FH-SWF), Germany

ALEKSEEV Alexander  -  Linde AG, Germany


pdf  Comparing temperature rise measurements and calculations for 24 kV, 3000 A pressurized air cables in various arrangements

HOLAUS Walter  -  Hivoduct Ltd, Switzerland

AEGERTER Damian  -  Braavos Gmbh, Switzerland

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