2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2023-E9 - GIL and GIS


pdf  Development and testing of the 110 kV SuperLink system

HOLAUS Walter  -  Hivoduct Ltd, Switzerland

AEGERTER Damian  -  Braavos GmbH, Switzerland


pdf  MVDC MgB2 superconducting cables for hybrid power transmission

BRUZEK Christian-Eric, SPINA Tiziana, MELACCIO Umberto, TROPEANO Matteo, GRASSO Gianni  -  ASG Superconductors, Italy

MARIAN Adela  -  RIFS Potsdam, Germany

MORANDI Antonio  -  University of Bologna, Italy

GOMORY Fedor, KOVAC Pavol  -  IEE Slovak Academy of Science, Slovakia

REISER Wolfgang  -  VESC, Germany

HOLE Stephane  -  ESPCI, France

COMBESSIS Anthony, LALLOUET Nicolas  -  Nexans, France

SODIRO Bruno  -  RINA-C, Italy

ROUDAUT Julien, BOUVIER Gregory  -  Absolut System, France

MAGNUSSON Niklas  -  SINTEF Energy Research, Norway


pdf  Superconducting Cables for Europe’s Energy Transition

MARIAN Adela  -  RIFS Potsdam, Germany

ALLAIS Arnaud  -  Nexans, France

BRUZEK Christian-Eric  -  ASG Superconductors, Italy

CREUSOT Christophe  -  SuperGrid Institute, France

MAGNUSSON Niklas  -  SINTEF Energy Research, Norway


pdf  Superconducting Power Transmission for Mobility Applications and Investigation of AC Loss Effects

ANSPACH Johanna, LANGMAACK Niklas  -  Technische Universität Braunschweig – Junior Research Group “Wiring Technologies”, Germany

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