2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2023-P4 - DC and AC cable systems


pdf  Space Charge Measurement of 9 mm-thick XLPE Cables with Different Amounts of Cross-linking Byproducts under the Mean DC Electric Field of 20 kV/mm

MORITA Shosuke  -  Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI), Japan, Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT), Japan

FUSE Norikazu, TAKAHASHI Toshihiro  -  Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI), Japan

HOZUMI Naohiro  -  Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT), Japan


pdf  Study on Comparability of Space Charge Measurement Results using PEA and LIPP Measurement Setups

RÖSCH Felix, PLATH Ronald  -  Technical University of Berlin, Germany

FECHNER Tobias  -  Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute Europe GmbH, Germany


pdf  PEA measurement on HVDC full-size joint during long-term test

CHO Youngil, KIM Yoonhyoung, LEE Wookyoung, KIM Sunkak  -  LS Cable & System (LSCNS), Republic of Korea

HOZUMI Naohiro, TOYOHASHI   -  University of Technology (TUT), Japan

MORSHUIS Peter  -  Solid Dielectric Solutions (SDS), The Netherlands


pdf  Effect of Polarity Reversal on breakdown in HVDC Cable Insulation - Space Charge Behaviour

AZMEERA Harshith Kumar, IYYAPPAN C, SHARMA Parimal, REDDY C.C.  -  Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India


pdf  Experimental investigations on space charge accumulation in thermally aged LDPE and associated breakdown

DHAYALAN Sathyamoorthy, JOHRI Pranav, MUPPALA Purnabhishek, REDDY C.C.  -  Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India


pdf  Development of HVDC ±500 kV XLPE cable system for LCC and VSC

KIM Hyun-Joo, HONG Dong-Suk, SONG Jae-Hyuk, CHOI Seok-Hwan, KIM Jung-Ho  -  Taihan cable & solution, Republic of Korea

KANG Ji-Won, PARK Hung-Sok  -  Korea Electric Power Research Institute (KEPRI), Republic of Korea


pdf  Impact of cable modeling in electromagnetic transient simulations of MVDC systems

MOUHAIDALI Amjad, MARACHE Silvain, DWORAKOWKSI Piotr, HENRIKSEN Martin, DALMAR Leo  -  SuperGrid Institute, Villeurbanne, France


pdf  Combined Qualification according to IEC & ICEA of 400 kV cable system components for the GCC Countries

MUNEER Qasem, AQEEL Alawady, ZAID Kahtan Dr.  -  DUCAB, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


pdf  Numerical analysis of space charge behavior considering ionic charges of cross-linking byproducts

KIM sun-jin, LEE seol, LEE bang-wook  -  Hanyang University ERICA, Republic of Korea

KWON ik-su  -  Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, Republic of Korea


pdf  Comparison of armor losses on different three-core submarine cables through measurement and calculation

XU Yanli, QIAN Yujie, XU Xiejun, CHANG Qingsheng  -  Hengtong International Business Group, China

CHEN Kai, SONG Guanghui, JIANG Zhenxing, PAN Wenlin  -  Hengtong Submarine Power Cable Co., Ltd., China


pdf  Experimental evaluation of bending hysteresis loop of different submarine power cables by comparing 4-point & 3-point bending methods

DELIZISIS Panagiotis, STAMELOS Antonios  -  Hellenic Cables (HC), National Technical University of Ahens (NTUA), Greece

GKRIMEKIS Dimitrios, PREMETIS Nikolaos  -  Hellenic Cables (HC), Greece


pdf  Case study of onshore to offshore MV cabling under vibration conditions

ASKAR Mohammed, EL MONGY Ibrahim, EL MAHDY Moustafa  -  BAHRA ELECTRIC, Saudi Arabia


pdf  Evaluation of seabed effective thermal resistance and temperature decay model for the thermal rating of buried submarine cables

GARCIA Francisco M., CROSS Laurence R.E., REYNA-GUTIERREZ Jose A., HUANG Ziyi, OLSEN Søren Krüger, ZOURARAKI Maria  -  Ørsted, Denmark & United Kingdom


pdf  Recent Advances in Low Voltage Cables Condition Monitoring

BORNATH Jackson, BANERJEE Sarajit, ROUISON David  -  Kinectrics Inc., Canada


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