Jicable-hvdc’16 WORKSHOP

World Energy Transmission System

HVDC Cable Systems - State of the art

Was held within the scope of Jicable-hvdc13 in Paris on August 26th 2016

This workshop will be followed by Jicable-hvdc17 to be held on November 2017 in Dunkirk France)

Organization: Jicable and AGP21 with the Scientific and Technical Support of CIGRE

Chairman, Organization Committee: Lucien Deschamps

Friday, 26 August 2016 - 9:00 to 17:30
Palais des congrès Paris - Porte Maillot

Topic 1: Progress in the understanding of physical phenomena and materials for use in DC

  • Development status, roadmap, characterisation and criteria of choice for new materials including thermoplastic insulation, nanotechnology, XLPE low by-product
  • Environmental impacts of materials, carbon footprint, pollution and recyclability
  • Understanding of ageing mechanisms and polarity reversals constraints
  • Evaluation of electrical fields at triple points
  • Behaviour of DC cables operated in AC for flexible electrical systems

Topic 2: Very high DC voltage (500 kV) extruded power insulated cables: standardization, needs, qualification in progress, industrial products delivery date

  • Status of development and qualification tests up to 500 kV, including high gradient prototypes, testing and diagnostics of systems
  • What are the need for standardisation? Is functional standard satisfying?
  • What are the specific challenges on accessories?
  • Road map to reach industrial products

Topic 3: HVDC corridor projects in Europe for underground links, hybrid AC/DC systems.

  • Presentation and status of HVDC corridor projects, notably in Germany.
  • How to lower Levelized Cost of Energy, including cost of civil works?
  • What are the production capacities for very long lengths?
  • What are the operation strategies and optimization of electrical systems when integrating HVDC links into HVAC systems?

Topic 4: Submarine HVDC links: state of the art of extruded and paper power insulated cables, transmitted power

  • State of the art of insulation materials for submarine HVDC links and transmitted power
  • What are the lesson learned from faults?
  • Specific laying configurations (eg. deep depth)

Topic 5:  Converters: Technical coordination of « cable / converters » system

  • Coordination for the choice of Switching impulse and Lightning impulse voltage levels
  • DC circuit breakers
  • DC harmonics and filtering
  • Understanding of behaviours after faults and polarity reversals
  • Use of plastic insulation together with LCC converters