WETS'03 Workshop
(World Energy Transmission System)
Which world energy transmission system in 2050?
What role would Power Insulated Cables play?

Thursday 26 June, 2003

TB No 224
Emerging technologies and material challenges
JAG 15. 02 TC & SC Task Force 15.03
- On behalf of the Technical Committee
(for the 2002 Panel “Electrical Power Systems 2020” )

The Electrical Power Industry has changed rapidly since privatisation. Future changes are likely to be even more rapid. Whilst many researchers are working in different areas in the emerging technology fields few have attempted a high level overview of the major drivers and influences to the ways the Industry may change.
The Paper presented in this TB very much represents a ‘snapshot’ in time of the emerging, probable and perhaps necessary changes for the future benefit of Society. It is to be hoped that it will stimulate discussion of the many difficult and conflicting issues facing the Industry.

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