WETS'03 Workshop
(World Energy Transmission System)
Which world energy transmission system in 2050?
What role would Power Insulated Cables play?

Thursday 26 June, 2003


Ingénieur Général des Mines, born 15th May 1940 at Neuilly sur Seine, France

Adress : 47 rue des Vignes, 60190 Montiers, Tél +33 (0)3 44 51 52 90, Fax +33 (0)3 44 51 52 91, e-mail gaudin@2100.org.

Diplomas : Graduated from "Polytechnique" and Mining enginnering school of Paris.

Chonologie :

1966-1969 : in charge of regional development and research policies for the governor of the nothern region..

1971-1981 : in charge of building a national innovation policy in the Ministry for industry: patents, measurements, testing, standards, quality control design, technical information and regional netwoks to support innovation in SME's. Management of innovation incentives, redesign of ANVAR, INOVA shows.

Member of the steering commitee of the "Six countries program on innovation policies" since its foundation in 1974 and president of this program between 1981 and 1983.

1982-1992 : Création and management of CPE (Centre for Prospective and technological assessment, Ministry for Research and Technology), in charge of three missions :

  • international technological awareness
  • Prospective
  • Assessment of research and industrial strategies

1993 : "Conseil général des Mines" (the highest assembly in civil service for technological assessment), member of the auditing committee of CNRS (the french NSF), creation of the 2100.org, aimed at designing world programs for next century.

"2100, history of the next century" from twenty years of experience in technology and innovation analysis, T. Gaudin directed, from 1988 to 1993 a worldwide prospective sintesis combining approaches from social sciences, ecology and technology (éd Payot, 600p).

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