2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables


The Jicable's Prize is granted to the best communication of the conference by a jury of experts who are generally members of the Scientific and Technical Committee.


The Jicable's Prize was implemented on 1987


Alquié C. & Lewiner J. (France)

pdf   The measurement of internaI fields in insulators for high voltage cables - Possibilities opened by the pressure wave propagation method (1987-B1-1)


Mondin S., Aréfi F., Amouroux J., Letellier P., Goldman M., Fedoroff M., Rouchaud J.C., Leguennec P. (France)

pdf   Membrane potentiel technique applied to the study of cable insulation modification (1991-A10-5)


Peschke E., Schroth R., Olshausen R. (Germany)

pdf   Extension of XLPE cables to 500 kV based on progress in technology (1995-A1-2)


Mermet G., Sporrel U., Protat F., Argaut P., Lesur E. (France)

pdf   Thermal design of controlled backfills (1999-A7-3)


Kobayashi S., Muto D., Tanaka S., Lizuka H., Niinobe H., Suetsugu M. (Japan)

pdf   Development of factory-expanded cold-shrinkable joint for EHV XLPE cables (2003-A5-1)


Royer Ch. & Awad R. (Canada)

pdf   Evaluation of the condition and the performance of underground fluid filled HV links at Hydro-Québec (2007-B4-2)


Hennuy Blandine, de Clerk Quentin, Laborelec, (Belgium), François Alain, Tenret Daniel, Ores, (Belgium), Leemans Pieter, Marginet Joachim, Eandis, (Belgium)

pdf   3 kHz accelerated growth of water trees in medium voltage extruded cables (2011-C3-3)


Nigel Hampton (USA), Jean Carlos Hernandez-Mejia (Venezuela), Marina Kuntsevich, Joshua Perkel, Vivek Tomer (USA)

pdf   Estimating the Impact of VLF Frequency on Effectiveness of VLF Withstand Diagnostics (2015-C3-5)


Zouraraki Maria, Kvarts Thomas, Østerø Rogvi, Page Trevor, Hjerrild Jespern, Vilhelmsen Morten Ahrenkiel Tomer

pdf   Hornsea projects 1 and 2 - Design and Optimisation of the Cables for the World Largest Offshore Wind Farms (2019-A2-6)


Nils-Bertil Firsk, Abdellatif Ait-Amar, Christoph Klein, Maria Kosse

pdf   HVDC GIS cable connection assembly fully qualified for ±525 kV following dimensions of the HVAC standard interface (2023-A2-6)

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