2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1999-A3 - Cables for the Future


pdf  Gas-insulated transmission lines (GIL). Type tests and prequalification

SCHÜETTE A, KOCH H.  -  Siemens AG Erlangen, Germany


pdf  Optimized gas-insulated transmission line

GUILLEN M.  -  Alstom T&D Villeurbanne, France

BERTRAND M.  -  Alstom T&D Aix les Bains, France


pdf  Long term test of a directly buried GIL prototype

BOURDET M., HOPKINS M.  -  ABB Energie La Défense, France

FELDMANN D.  -  EDF DER Moret sur Loing, France

MAUGAIN Yves  -  EDF Production Transport Courbevoie, France


pdf  Development of a high temperature superconductivity power delivery system

HUGHEY R.L.  -  Southwire Carrollton, USA


pdf  Latest development of high temperature super conductor (HTSC) cable systems

LADIE PL., NASSI M., NORMAN S.R.  -  Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi Milan, Italy

SCHROTH R.G.  -  Pirelli Kabel und Systems Berlin, Germany


pdf  Pirelli-EDF DEVELOPMENT on superconducting cables

LADIE PL., NASSI M., NORMAN S.R., CARACINO P.  -  Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi Milan, Italy

COVOET M., BOISSEAU C., SIROT P.F.  -  EDF DER Moret sur Loing, France


pdf  Design of a high temperature superconducting cable termination

HATHAWAY G.M., DAVIES A.E.  -  University of Southampton Hampshire, United Kingdom

SWINGLER S.G.  -  The National Grid Leatherhead, Surrey, UK


pdf  European superconducting power link project

VERHAEGE T., HERRMANN P.F.  -  Alcatel Marcoussis, France

BOCK J., BAECKER M.  -  Aventis Hürth, Germany

MOULAERT G.  -  Laborelec Linkebeek, Belgium

FREYHARDT H.C., USOSKIN A.  -  ZFW GmbH Gbttingen, Germany

LEHTONEN J., PAASI J.  -  TUT Tampere, Finland

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