2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1999-B1 - LV and MV Cables


pdf  Long term wet ageing of extruded dielectric cables

VAll J. , NOYES R.P., BANKS V.A A.  -  BICC Cables Energy Wrexham, United Kingdom

HAMPTON R.N.  -  BICC Cables Ltd Erith, UK


pdf  Evaluation of important aspects for the long term service performance of axially and radially water tight XLPE

FAREMO H., BENJAMINSEN J.T.  -  SINTEF Energy Research Norway

STEEN A,  -  Nordhordland Norway

OLSEN J.A.  -  Hadeland Energiverk Norway


pdf  Moisture penetration in XLPE and PlLC cables

GEURTS W.S.M., ROSS R., MEGENS M.G.M., STEENIS E.F.  -  KEMA Arnhem, The Netherlands


pdf  Local effects of water entering XLPE insulation through damaged sheaths

JORGENSEN H.J.  -  DEFU Lyngby, Denmark

JENSEN A,  -  nkt cables Denmark

STROBECH E.  -  NKT Research Center Denmark

URSIN C.  -  CU Test & Development Denmark


pdf  Water penetration in the insulation of medium voltage cables

PELISSOU Serge  -  Hydra-Québec (lREQ), Québec, Canada

ST-ANTOINE S.  -  Hydra-Québec (Distribution), Québec, Canada

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