2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1999-C5 - Water Treeing


pdf  Quick method for direct measurements of all important parameters concerning water transport and diffusion in XLPE cables

URSIN C., FICH PERDERSEN T.  -  CU Test & Development Ltd., Copenhagen, Denmark


pdf  Water treeing detection in 15 kV cables using the thermal step method

CASTELLON J., MALRIEU S.  -  Advanced Metrology for Electrical Engineering Montpellier, France

TOUREILLE Alain  -  Laboratoire d'Électrotechnique de Montpellier France


pdf  Product and process development of a peroxide injection cable with enhanced resistance in wet operating conditions

ROVIRA J., VILLAGRASA F., MARTINEZ J.D.  -  BICC General Cables Barcelona, Spain

MATEY Gabriel, LABBE D.  -  Products & Marketing Ltd., Geneva, Switzerland


pdf  Development and application of a sample test for water treeing in medium voltage cables

LE POIDEVIN G., McINTOSCH L.A, NAYBOUR R.D.  -  EA Technology Chester, UK


pdf  Water treeing in polyethylene insulation of power cables

KANISKIN V.A, POLONSKY YA,  -  St. Petersburg State Technical University St. Petersburg, Russia


pdf  Fourth generation dielectric enhancement technology

JENKINS K.A, BERTINI G.J.  -  UtilX Corporation Kent, WA, USA


pdf  Polymer modified XLPE as insulation in power cables

NILSSON U.H., CAMPUS A.  -  Borealis AB Stenungsund, Sweden

MONTANARI Gian Carlo  -  University of Bologna Italy


pdf  Estimation of thermal loss of life of MV/LV cables taking into account moisture migration

CARAMIA P., LOSI A, RUSSO A., VERDE P.  -  University of Cassino Italy

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