2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1999-C6 - Materials and Ageing


pdf  Decomposition of high pressure SF6 and SF6-N2 (10-90) mixtures submitted to negative polarity corona discharges. Effect of the percentage of water added

VIAL L., CASANOVAS A.M., COLL L, CASANOVAS J.  -  Université Paul Sabatier CPAT, Toulouse, France

CLAVREUL R.  -  EDF DER Moret sur Loing, France


pdf  Low density polyethylene microstructure observation under AC or DC high stress

BERTIN C, GUASTAVINO J., MAYOUX C, MARTINEZ-VEGA JJ.  -  Laboratoire de Génie Électrique Toulouse, France

CAMPUS A.  -  Borealis AB Stenungsund, Sweden


pdf  Varistor composites for cable applications

RIEUX N. PERRIN S.  -  Alcatel Corporate Research Center Marcoussis, France

PARASIE Y.  -  Alcatel Cable Paris, France


pdf  Electroluminescence in XLPE due to impulses superimposed on AC voltage

BAMJI S.S. BULINSKI A.T.  -  National Research Council of Canada Ontario, Canada

TOHYAMA K.  -  Numazu College of Tech., Numazu, Japan


pdf  The study of on-line relaxation effect on internal mechanical stresses and dielectric strength of HV cable insulation

SHUVALOV Mikhail, OBRAZTSOV Y. OVSIENKO V., KRUCHKOV A.  -  AII-Russian Scientific Research & Development Cable lnstitute Moscow, Russia

HUOTARI P.  -  Nextram Technologies Vantaa, Finland


pdf  Optimization of cable terminations equipped with non-linear stress control tubes

PETRARCA C.  -  Università di Napoli "Frederico II" Napoli, Italy

EGIZIANO L. TUCCI V.  -  Università di Salerno Fisciano, Italy

VITELLI M.  -  Seconda Università di Napoli Aversa, Italy


pdf  Comparison between Lewis and Crine models for the electrical aging of extruded cables

CRINE Jean Pierre  -  Technology Consultant Brossard, Canada


pdf  Influence of a solid organic insulator on the arc decomposition and high energy spark decomposition of SF6 and SF6-N2 (10-90) mixtures

COLL I., CASANOVAS A.M ., VIAL L., GLEIZES A., CASANOVAS J.  -  Université Paul Sabatier CPAT, Toulouse, France

CLAVREUL R.  -  EDF DER Moret sur Loing, France


pdf  An analysis of the interfacial region of HV cables using electrostatic force microscopy

BETTERIDGE S.  -  BICC Cables Ltd Wrexham, United Kingdom

LEWIS lJ., LLEWELLYN J.P.  -  SEECS University of Walesl Banqor United Kingdom

HAMPTON R.N.  -  BICC Cables Ltd Erith, UK


pdf  Antioxidant concentration distribution measurement in XLPE cable insulation by PIXE Analysis, FTIR and UV spectroscopy

PARPAL J.L., GUDDEMI C.  -  Hydra-Québec (lREQ) Québec, Canada

HINRICHSEN  -  Université de Montréal Canada


pdf  Characterization of the dynamical structure of cable insulation

MENEGOTTO J., LACABANNE C.  -  Laboratoire Physique des Polymères Toulouse, France

MAYOUX C.  -  Laboratoire de Génie Electrique Toulouse, France

PLATBROOD G.  -  Laborelec Linkebeek, Belgium


pdf  Interface behaviour in HV and EHV accessories

GAHUNGU François, MIREBEAU Pierre  -  Alcatel Cable Calais, France

ASSIER JC, GARROS B., ALADENIZE B., COELHO R.  -  Alcatel CRC Marcoussis, France

CARDINAELS J,  -  Alcatel Euromold Erembodegem, Belgique

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