2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2019-A4 - Operational experiences of HV and EHV cable systems


pdf  Strategies for maintenance and repair of EHV cable systems

SMIT Jacco, MOUSAVI Shima, DE BES Robert-Jan  -  TenneT TSO B.V. Arnhem, Netherlands

MACHL Anita  -  APG Vienna, Netherlands

REICH Klemens  -  APG Vienna, Austria

KLEIN Michael, SVEJDA Georg  -  Wienernetze Vienna, Austria


pdf  Failure Experience on 380 kV Joints and Terminations in Saudi Arabia Transmission Network

ALDHUWAIAN Abdullah  -  Saudi Electricity Company Buraydah, Saudi Arabia


pdf  Qualification and experiences with large 400 kV XLPE cable systems installed on the Arabian Peninsula

KAUMANNS Johannes, HEUSER Jürgen, FRANKE Dirk, OPPERMANN Thomas, HÄRING Dominik, SCHRÖDER Gero, WEINLEIN Andreas  -  Südkabel GmbH Mannheim, Germany


pdf  Degradation of silicone insulating fluids in cable sealing ends

VIRTANEN Suvi, CALLENDER George, WHEATLEY David, PILGRIM James A., ANDRITSCH Thomas, BROWN Richard, LANGLEY John, LIU Xiang  -  University of Southampton United Kingdom

CWIKOWSKI Oliver  -  National Grid Electricity Transmission Warwick, United Kingdom


pdf  Investigation and Mitigation of HV Cable Joint Failures in Thailand Metropolis

RAJAKROM Asawin  -  MEA Bangkok, Thailand

THANANCHANA Annop, CHANDARASUPSANG Tirapot, CHALPITAK Nopasit  -  Chiangmai University Thailand

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