2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables


2019-A1     -     HV and EHV cable systems

2019-A2     -     Design of HV and EHV cable systems

2019-A3     -     Installation and testing of cable systems

2019-A4     -     Operational experiences of HV and EHV cable systems

2019-A5     -     HV and EHV Submarine cables

2019-A6     -     HVDC submarine cables

2019-A7     -     Submarine cables installation

2019-A8     -     Development and testing of DC cable systems

2019-A9     -     Qualification of HV DC cable systems

2019-A10     -     Testing for DC cables

2019-B1     -     Materials and characterization (A)

2019-B2     -     Materials and characterization (B)

2019-B3     -     Fire performance

2019-B4     -     New materials (A)

2019-B5     -     New materials (B)

2019-B6     -     Ageing and lifetime (A)

2019-B7     -     Ageing and lifetime (B)

2019-B8     -     Dynamic cables and mechanical design

2019-B9     -     Submarine cables current rating

2019-B10     -     Submarine cables testing

2019-C1     -     Distribution network diagnostic and maintenance

2019-C2     -     Offline diagnostic and maintenance

2019-C3     -     Online diagnostic and maintenance

2019-C4     -     Space charge measurement (Interface and Material)

2019-C5     -     Interfaces and modelling of DC cable systems

2019-C6     -     Cable rating

2019-C7     -     Cable rating (armour losses and dynamic effects)

2019-C8     -     Modelling of HV and EHV cable systems

2019-C9     -     Development of Accessories

2019-C10     -     Dry type accessories

2019-D1     -     Non-Electrical tests

2019-D2     -     Onsite and Laboratory Tests

2019-D3     -     Partial Discharge Methods and Measurement

2019-D4     -     Partial Discharge Methods and Measurement - Equipment

2019-D5     -     MV AC Cables Systems

2019-D6     -     Interaction of the Cable System with the Environment

2019-D7     -     System Considerations for Sustainability

2019-D8     -     Risk Assessment and management of cable systems

2019-D9     -     Maintenance of cable systems

2019-D10     -     Management of data received from diagnostic tests and monitoring systems

2019-E1     -     Sheath bonding and parallel circuit

2019-E2     -     Monitoring of lapped insulation and remaining life evaluation of transmission cable systems

2019-E3     -     Challenges for integrated optical fibers

2019-E4     -     Monitoring of mechanical issues

2019-E5     -     Non PD health assessment

2019-E6     -     Poster session: Materials

2019-E7     -     Poster session: Diagnosis, Monitoring, Testing Methods, Cables and Accessories, Emerging Technologies

2019-E8     -     Simulation and maintenance

2019-E9     -     Nuclear and LV cables diagnostic and remaining life evaluation

2019-E10     -     Emerging Technologies

2019-F2     -     Young Researcher's Contest

2019-F6     -     Poster session: Cable Systems

2019-F7     -     Poster session: Cables and Accessories, Emerging Technologies

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