2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2019-A7 - Submarine cables installation


pdf  Installation engineering of export cables for offshore wind farm connections

GUSTAFSSON Ola, JOHANNESSON Kenneth, CRONHOLM Kent  -  NKT HV Cables AB Karlskrona, Sweden


pdf  Madeira-Porto Santo very high water depth submarine cable feasibility study

COTRIM Josè, NETO Miguel  -  EEM Funchal-Madeira, Portugal

CRIPPA Alessandro, MEREGALLI Sergio  -  CESI Milan, Italy


pdf  Tensile Test and Finite Element Analysis of Flat Steel Wire Armoured Submarine Fiber Optic Composite Power Cable

WANG Wenchao, ZHANG Jianmin, ZHAO You-lin, CHEN Jie, HU Ming, XUE Jianling, YE Cheng  -  Zhongtian Technology Submarine Cable Co., Ltd. Nantong, China


pdf  Cable in pipe in an Offshore Windfarm

SOERENSEN Johnny  -  SGRE Brande, Denmark


pdf  Submarine Cable Route Optimizing System Based on Marine Environmental Conditions

TANAKA Miku, MAYAMA Shuuji  -  Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. Osaka, Japan

OGURA Yu, BABA Junpei  -  The University of Tokyo Japan


pdf  Fatigue- Creep in conductors and armouring as constraint for allowable installation depth

JOHANSON Audun  -  Nexans Norway Oslo, Norway

ADEDAYO Adedayo  -  Nexans Norway Halden, Norway

ALVARO Antonio  -  Sintef Industry Trondheim, Norway

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