2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2019-A9 - Qualification of HV DC cable systems


pdf  Investigation and Qualification of ±320 kV HVDC cable systems for VSC and LCC applications

HÄRING Dominik, SCHRÖDER Gero, KAUMANNS Johannes  -  Südkabel GmbH Mannheim, Germany


pdf  PQ Test of Extruded HVDC 525-kV-Underground Cables: Results and Conclusion

POEHLER Stephan, MARTIN Florian  -  TenneT TSO GmbH Bayreuth, Germany

BRAUN Armin, BRÜGGMANN Jan  -  Amprion GmbH Dortmund, Germany

SCHRANK Thorsten, KRAUSE Marcel  -  50Hertz Transmission GmbH Berlin, Germany

SENER Olaf, EXL Florian  -  TransnetBW GmbH Stuttgart, Germany

KLEIN Thomas  -  Strescon GmbH Esslingen, Germany


pdf  Qualification of 400 and 525 kV HVDC XLPE cable systems including a multitude of accessory configurations

FRISK Nils-Bertil, GASPARI Roberto, DOEDENS Espen  -  Nexans Halden, Norway

EYSSAUTIER Quentin  -  Nexans Calais, France

FROHNE Christian  -  Nexans Hannover, Germany


pdf  Performance evaluation of 525 kV and 640 kV extruded DC cable systems

ABBASI Amirhossein, HOANG Anh, BERGELIN Pehr, ERIKSSON Erik, FÄLTH Fredrik  -  NKT HV Cables AB Karlskrona, Sweden


pdf  Development of 350 kV and 525 kV HVDC extruded cable system

NAOTO Shigemori, MASASHI Yagi, TAKAHISA Tabuchi  -  Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. Ichihara, Japan

HIROKI Mori  -  Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. Haneda, Japan


pdf  270 kV DC Extruded Land Cable Systems for LCC Power Transmission

MAMMERI Mohamed, PAUPARDIN Marie-Laure, GENESTE Mathieu, DHUICQ Bernard  -  Prysmian Montereau, France

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