2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2019-B1 - Materials and characterization


pdf  Comparative Study on LLDPE, LDPE Nano Dielectric for application in HVDC cables: Dielectric response, Electrical and Thermal properties

BURJUPATI Nageshwar Rao  -  Central Power Research Institute Bangalore, India


pdf  Leakage current behaviors under high electric field in polymer minicables

CHARRIER Dimitri  -  Nexans Research Center Lyon, France

PEREGO Gabriele  -  Nexans Italia SPA Pioltello, Italy

FROHNE Christian  -  Nexans Deutschland Gmbh Hannover, Germany

JARVID Markus  -  Nexans Norway AS Halden, Norway

EYSSAUTIER Quentin  -  Nexans France Calais, France


pdf  Investigation of the PD behaviour of boundary surfaces with alternative PD-detection methods for AC and DC application

VATERRODT Klaus, HEIDMANN Gerd, FUßMANN Philipp  -  IPH GmbH Berlin, Germany

PLATH Ronald  -  Technische Universität Berlin Germany


pdf  Space Charge Properties of XLPE and PDMS Dual-dielectric with Graphene Coating

LEI Zhipeng, FABIANI Davide, PALMIERI Fabrizio, LI ChuanYang, SELLERI Giacomo, SPERANZA Marco, GROLLI Filippo  -  University of Bologna Italy

CRISTIANO Francesco, BERTOCCHI Francesco  -  Nanesa Srl Arezzo , Italy


pdf  HVDC dielectric material comparison from cable characterizations as a mean for material selection

BOYER Ludovic, BUDDARAJU Pavani, HENRIKSEN Martin, CHEMARTIN Laurent, FESTAZ Xavier  -  SuperGrid Institute Villeurbanne, France

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