2019 - JICABLE'19 - 10th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

2019-E7 - Diagnosis, Monitoring, Testing Methods, Cables and Accessories, Emerging Technologies


pdf  Effect of air density factors on performance of EHV cable terminations during lightning transients

MEENA K.P., THIRUMURTHY T., ARUNJOTHI Rajendran  -  Central Power Research Institute Bangalore, India


pdf  Standardization of sample preparation for mechanical tests on cable Insulation and sheathing materials

SATHEESHKUMAR P.V., RAJA G.K., MEENA K.P.  -  Central Power Research Institute Bangalore, India


pdf  Integrated Testing and Diagnosis of Distribution Cables using Damped AC and Very Low Frequency Voltages

CEJKA Gregor  -  onsite hv international ag Lucerne, Switzerland

GULSKI Edward, JONGEN Rogier  -  onsite hv solutions ag Lucerne, Switzerland

QUAK Ben  -  Seitz Instruments AG Niederrohrdorf, Switzerland

PARCIAK Jaroslaw  -  onsite hv solutions Central Europe Sp. z o.o. Warsaw, Poland

RAKOWSKA Aleksandra  -  Poznan University of Technology Poznan, Poland


pdf  Evolution of MV Extruded Cable Designs Used in the US from 1996 to 2014

SHU Essay Wen, HAMPTON Nigel  -  NEETRAC Atlanta, USA


pdf  How cables fail – Debunking the myths and reinforcing the fundamentals to ensure long cable life

LANZ Ben, JOSEPH Michael, SZATKOWSKI Andy  -  IMCORP Manchester, CT, USA

WALLACE Michael  -  Duke Energy Raleigh, USA

HUMMEL Rene  -  IMCORP Berlin, Germany


pdf  New Generation of Accessories for EHVDC extruded power transmission applications

BOFFI Paolo, MAMMERI Mohamed, POZZATI Giovanni, POGLIANI Stefano, CAIMI Luigi, IADANZA Andrea, GIANNINI Simone, ORIGO Graziella  -  Prysmian spa Milan, Italy


pdf  Ampacity calculation of multi-system cable crossings at 40 MVA frequency converter station Mendrisio

AEGERTER Damian  -  Braavos GmbH Stetten, Switzerland

MEIER Stephan  -  Emetor AB Västerås, Sweden


pdf  Pure Mathematical DLR Model for Implementation in Embedded IT Systems – Modelling Principles and Accuracy

OLSEN Rasmus, SARTO Tommaso, MEYBODI Soroush  -  Energinet Fredericia, Denmark


pdf  The development of intelligent self-driving monitoring system for 345kV underground transmission line in tunnel

PARK Jae Yong, YOON Jong Keon, KIM Du Jin, LIM Seung-myun, CHOI Sung Won  -  KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation) Seoul, Korea, Republic of


pdf  Basic Engineering for Overhead Insulated Transmission Line

ALMEIDA Geraldo  -  Techsys Santo Andre (SP), Brazil

VASCONCELOS Gil  -  Consulting São Paulo, Brazil

MACEDO Amadeu  -  ENEL BRAZIL SP São Paulo, Brazil


pdf  A study of field enhancement from semiconductive protrusions in power cables

NILSSON Ulf H.  -  Borealis AB Stenungsund, Sweden


pdf  Cable Degassing, Strand Filling Mastic and Cable Defects

JOSEPH Michael, LANZ Ben  -  IMCORP Manchester, CT, USA

SMALLEY Michael  -  WE Energies Milwaukee, USA

HUMMEL Rene, KINGERSKE Mathias  -  IMCORP Berlin, Germany


pdf  Study on Water Tree Degradation Diagnosis for Dry-cured and Extruded Three-layer 6.6 kV XLPE Cables with Penetrated Water Tree

KURIHARA Takashi  -  Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry Yokosuka , Japan

SATO Tomoyuki, KABASAWA Yuichiro, NAGASHIMA Tomohiro  -  Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. Sendai, Japan


pdf  On-site Application of the VHF Partial Discharge Detection Method for the Underground Power Cable Terminations

KANG Shin Sub, PARK Sangsuh, KANG Yu Won, ROH Tae Hyueng, KIM Jae Seung, KIM Jong Chae, KIM Youn Chan  -  KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation) Naju, Korea, Republic of

LIM Jae Seop, JOH Gye Hyun  -  KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation) Daejeon, Korea, Republic of


pdf  Discovery of a New Degradation Mechanism of Self-Contained Fluid-Filled Cables (SCFF or SCOF) and Development of Diagnostic Technology

AIHARA Yasuhiko, NAKAMURA Takeshi  -  TEPCO Holdings, Inc. Tokyo, Japan

IWASAKI Kimihiro, MASHIMO Nobuhiro, GOTO Yo, MATSUI Takeo  -  TEPCO Power Grid, Inc. Tokyo, Japan

SUGIMOTO Shu, HANEDA Jyunya, NAGAHARA Shigeki  -  Tokyo Densetsu Service Co.,Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

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